The Inside Look: Protech’s Training Program

February 21, 2020

Here at Protech, we pride ourselves on building a culture in which our teammates can thrive, grow and continually learn more about the industry. Our company is represented by each of our teammates, and when these individuals are proud of the place they work, Giving Lives the All Clear becomes second nature. Through our extensive training programs, each of our recruits learns what it means to lead the industry, live out our core values, serve their customers and solve problems on their own.

Protech Training 101:

A new training class kicks off every week and runs for four weeks. This structure creates small class sizes that provide an intimate setting and allow for more individualized attention. During this training, teammates are hired and receive full pay and benefits as they learn the ropes of the company.

The program begins with a technician shadowing program and transitions into the day-to-day operational tasks performed on the job, including creating estimates, expense reports and billing. In addition to front-of-house tasks, trainees participate in extensive ADAS training at headquarters to learn the detailed processes of scanning and calibration. It is here that they learn the specific process for each OEM and begin the mobile portion of their training—riding along with our current mobile technicians. Through these partnerships, trainees are mentored and taught how to manage their own schedules and communicate with automotive shops and dealers.

Amid lessons and real-life experience, teammates are also given the opportunity to get to know their peers and build relationships with trainees and other teammates. These engagement activities are crucial in building the Protech culture and family, and have included pizza parties, taco bars, ping pong tournaments, lunches and the famous “Mike’s Night Out”—a monthly outing to Main Event with our Director of Ops, Mike Stuver.

Incentives and Recognition:

In addition to their training, Protech family and new career, trainees are also eligible to receive recognition for their performance throughout their four weeks of training. In order to instill the value of hard work, top performers are recognized in front of their peers and at the graduation ceremony. The trainee who ends up with the highest score and average throughout their class’s training will earn their “Top Gun” patch and title.

Joining the Protech Team:

Are you interested in joining the Protech family or know someone who may be a good candidate? Anyone with a strong work ethic and the desire to change lives in the automotive industry can find a successful and fulfilling career here at Protech. To learn more about open positions and next steps, visit our careers page.

We know leading the industry and Giving Lives the All Clear, we know it starts with our teammates. That’s why we’re the only company to offer this specialized training at the entry level. While ADAS training and operational skills are a necessity, it is our focus on company culture and purpose that sets our teammates above the rest.

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