SkillsUSA Training Materials for Rising Stars

May 18, 2021

Thank you for the interest you’ve shown in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and calibrations. We’re excited to share our expertise today with the SkillsUSA students who will be the experts of tomorrow.

Much like you, we’re constantly learning about new technologies and approaches to calibrate the systems that keep drivers safe and comfortable. We welcome you to the forefront of automotive technology and repair.

Below you’ll find study materials with short descriptions to help you navigate.

SkillsUSA ADAS Acronyms

Familiarize yourself with the 56 most commonly used acronyms in advanced driver-assistance systems and calibrations. Plus, see where many ADAS cameras and sensors are located.

CIECA Recommended Calibration Process

Learn the process for calibrations recommended by the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association. This technical overview highlights the workflow for calibration technicians.

The Importance of Pre and Post Scans

Modern vehicles have upwards of 40-50 computers onboard, so diagnostic scans become even more important. See how these scans can help you build a repair plan and document all repairs.

Identifying ADAS Sensors

This video will help you understand where common ADAS sensors are generally located and how to identify them before repair and calibration.

Maintaining Proper Battery Voltage

Battery voltage can heavily impact a vehicle’s computerized systems. Learn why maintaining proper battery voltage is so important and how to do so while performing vehicle diagnostics.

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