ADAS Training for a Purpose

September 25, 2019

This month, the Protech Automotive Solutions™ team celebrates the completion of our 12th ADAS training class. The ADAS training program began in August 2018 with two part-time trainers and a class capacity of six trainees. It now boasts four full-time teachers, each with a class of fifteen, and a cutting-edge curriculum. Not only does this prepare our local technicians for their roles, it helps fill the nationwide demand for expert technicians across the U.S.

When the program first started, trainees were taught the core knowledge needed to work in shops and properly use diagnostic scanning tools. While learning the ins and outs of a shop is critical, it’s even more important that trainees learn to adapt to changing technology. By studying how our industry is changing, our program graduates learn to stay ahead of change, rather than just playing catch-up.

Nowadays, the Protech ADAS training course consists of a rigorous three-week curriculum covering all aspects of ADAS technology. Coaching, coupled with hands-on experience, trains all of our students for the problems they’ll face as an ADAS technician. Recently added lessons include:

  • ADAS training for our Mobile Technicians
  • Market-specific Standards and Regulations
  • Advances in ADAS and Autonomous Driving

One of our most important core values is also our simplest: “We Have Fun.” In every lesson, our instructors find ways to make class fun and memorable by constantly keeping students on their toes, challenging them to learn and improve.

“An all-around great training program. I feel like the trainers really care about us and don’t treat us like we are here to make them money. We are here to provide great service and they recognize that.”

Hugh Fisher, Fleet Technician – ADAS/Mobile Stationary, Knoxville, TN

In the days leading up to their final test, students receive plenty of one-on-one support from instructors to help them succeed. It’s not uncommon to see our instructors stepping outside of the classroom to mentor them and demonstrate what it means to play for our team. We love showing our trainees how Protech got its start, how it’s grown and how their accomplishments help everyone around them succeed.

As you might expect, the training program is just the beginning. We also offer continuing education programs taught by trainers who travel nationwide to speak with local technicians. With all this support, every single Protech technician stays ahead of the curve on automotive technology. We’ve learned that as our trainers teach their students, it keeps their skills sharp as well. This hands-on, front-line experience is what separates us from other training programs and keeps us moving forward.

While our training program has grown in many ways, one thing has remained the same: all technicians are taught the importance of a proper repair. Doing things the right way every time is how we live out our Purpose—Giving Lives the All Clear.

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