Why Caliber Auto Glass

October 6, 2022

Damaged windshields are one of the most common claims filed by customers with their insurance carriers. Protech Automotive Solutions’ strategic partner Caliber Auto Glass makes the repair and replacement process easy. Caliber Auto Glass guarantees all work, supported by cutting-edge technology and a limited lifetime warranty.

As a member of the Caliber family of brands, Caliber Auto Glass has mobile technicians and physical centers ready to perform various auto glass services, including windshield repair or replacement, side glass repair or replacement and chip repair. Clearing the Way Forward® is what Caliber Auto Glass is all about.

Auto glass repairs and replacements are increasingly tricky as computers, sensors and electrical wiring are strategically placed throughout vehicles. Each of these systems alert drivers to potential dangers from other cars, road hazards or issues with their vehicle’s functions. Today’s vehicles require comprehensive repairs to maximize driver safety, including accurate vehicle diagnostic scanning and calibrations as part of the repair process. At Caliber Auto Glass, Protech provides that extra level of expertise and technological capabilities that complete mechanical and collision repairs.

Working in tandem with glass technicians, expertly trained Protech technicians ensure the vehicle is safe to drive by performing Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) vehicle diagnostic scans and calibrations to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Whether a minor repair or a complete windshield replacement, Protech performs pre- and post-repair vehicle diagnostic scans to get an “x-ray” of the vehicle. We ensure issues are accurately identified and addressed using a variety of technological solutions specifically suited to that specific vehicle’s needs. We can pinpoint all vehicle components that might be connected to and impacted by a windshield replacement.

Protech technicians undergo rigorous training and can work on every ADAS system on the market, achieving industry-leading Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications throughout the program. Our technicians use tools from several automotive manufacturers, including OEM tools and software, to perform comprehensive vehicle safety services. We pride ourselves on being tool-agnostic, which means we have access to the right tools for each vehicle.

Protech’s focus begins and ends with the intent to keep drivers and their passengers safe on the road. We live our purpose of Giving Lives the All Clear® every day and are here to support your business with the highest quality vehicle glass repairs, ADAS diagnostics and calibration services.

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