From Audio to All Clear: The Leadership Behind Protech

October 25, 2019

Protech Automotive Solutions™ is a purpose-driven company, but more importantly, we’re a purpose-driven group of people. Each and every teammate wearing our logo is committed to Giving Lives the All Clear—and Scott Grant, founder and president, is no exception.

“We want to do what’s good for the industry,” said Grant. “It’s not just about Protech. It’s about the impression we give to all of the people in the United States who drive. We want them to trust the collision industry. That’s what we’re all about. So, it’s not just about us, it’s about everybody out there. We do the right thing.”

Growing up in Lawton, OK in the early 80s, Grant had a passion for music, especially car audio systems. Despite what his neighbors may have thought, Grant believed the louder the music, the better. It was this love for automotive audio that motivated Grant to start Protech Electronics, a company founded to restore vehicles after theft. In a time when Texas car theft was at an all-time high, his Garland-based shop began to thrive.

“My biggest thing is seeing a need,” said Grant. “If I saw a need, then that’s what I focused on.”

This drive to solve problems pushed Protech into all things interior: dashboards, airbags, steering columns – you name it. It also led to the development of a mobile fleet and early adoption of the diagnostic scanning process.

"One of the things I most respect about Scott Grant is his innovation to pretty much create the business model of Protech,” said Dustin Kirkbride, Protech Training Manager. “He had the forethought to create a business that would be so in demand in the future."

With Grant leading the charge, Protech Automotive Solutions™ continued to grow and evolve into an industry-leading company with passionate and dedicated teammates. Today, the company offers services all over the country, training courses, and info sessions to push more of the collision repair industry toward the future.

“It really comes down to the people,” said Grant. “The people are the ones who are passionate about fixing these cars correctly. They’re like a sponge: they want to learn the technology. They all understand the fact that we want to put families back in these cars safely.”

From the start, Grant has worked tirelessly to lead his teammates and the broader industry to look for ways to keep drivers safe and cars in control as technology evolves. His dedication to the company, teammates, customers and industry as a whole is unmatched.

“It feels good to do the right thing,” said Grant. “Because that’s what we have to do to make sure our customers go home safe.”

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