Giving Lives the All Clear: The Protech Legacy

August 23, 2019

Where We Were

Protech Automotive Solutions™ began in 1993 as a small shop in Garland, TX. Primarily focused on audio system replacements, our typical job would consist of a new radio, amplifier and some factory dash components. At a time when automobile theft and vandalism rates in Texas were at an all-time high, Protech’s services were needed more than ever.

Between referral business from insurance companies and our shop’s convenient location near “dealership row” on Northwest Highway, Protech soon became the go-to audio repair stop for body shops, dealerships and individuals alike. That’s when we realized the opportunity in front of us.

Not only were radios being stolen – entire vehicles were too. When these stolen cars were recovered, we realized we could undo the theft-damage by replacing steering columns, dashboards and wheels. At this point, we decided to expand our service offerings to cover the complete restoration of a stolen vehicle.

Within a couple of years, it was apparent that we needed to evolve in order to maintain a competitive edge. The first big move? Mobile services. Protech’s first mobile vehicle was one of our teammates’ 1981 Buick Century. By day, it was a mobile automotive repair service fleet. By night, it was his family’s primary means of transportation.

The second innovation? Diagnostic scanning. Often, when our team would replace a dashboard, malfunction lights would come on in the instrument cluster. To solve this issue, Protech invested in its first scan tool—the Snap-On MT 2500.

Little did we know how big a step this would be.

A few years later, Protech opened an additional location in Fort Worth, and our mobile team grew into a fleet of vans servicing shops all over the metroplex. Our company would replace radios, dashboards, air bags, steering columns and anything else needed. We quickly became known as the company that would never say “no.”

Where We Are

To stay relevant in the automotive service industry, you always need to keep your wheels moving. This idea has always been important to our owner, Scott Grant, in every decision he makes. As a result, Grant has pushed Protech to always look for the next need in the automotive repair industry and find ways to address it. It was this continual drive toward success that put Protech ahead of the industry and in partnership with some industry-leading Collision repair companies.

Protech has become one of the largest and best-equipped mobile automotive repair providers in the country. Our pre- and post-scanning program is one of the most successful in the country, leading the industry in diagnostic scanning and calibrations.

We recently relocated to our new, state-of-the-art, 24,000 sq. ft facility in Lewisville, TX. This facility is home to our 18-member virtual technical support team, as well as all central operations and training for our mobile and ADAS programs.

Where We’re Going

So, what does the future hold for Protech Automotive Solutions™?

We plan to see some major changes over the next three to five years in the industry and our company. Automotive drive platforms will be even more electrified. Vehicles will be constantly communicating with one another and the infrastructure around them. As we reach higher and higher levels of vehicle autonomy, the need for ADAS calibrations will continue to grow, as well as the need for competent technicians to perform complex repairs. At Protech, we are committed to developing the experts and processes needed to restore modern vehicles and their systems back to pre-accident condition.

We have always been, and will continue to be, the visionaries of the automotive repair industry, constantly working to live out our Purpose—Giving Lives the All Clear.

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