Touchdown Technology: Innovations from the Big Game

February 6, 2020

With over 100 million people watching, the big game is always an opportunity for automakers to show off their latest and greatest vehicles. Here at Protech, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest technology, and that’s why our teammates tuned in and took note of everything from the automotive industry.

In between big plays, snack breaks and celebrity commercial cameos, several big brand automakers showed off their MVPs and top technology of 2020 in their game-break advertisements. The biggest theme across the commercial score board is the level of technology featured in vehicles from our favorite brands. Among new releases and classic car favorites, our team is revved up to see the following features hit the road.


In addition to the latest ADAS features becoming standard in the general market, a few big automakers changed the game with new releases. In fact, leading up to the game, GM announced it would bring back an old brand with a new mission. The original Hummer became extremely popular for many reasons when it was first released—but it’s impact on the environment was never one of them. With its latest announcement about an all-electric truck called the Hummer EV, the automaker is looking to change that point of view. Very few details have been released, but we are excited to see what’s down the road for the namesake with a new identity.


For Kia, the focus was on the “right-sized” 2020 Seltos. The automaker has become a category leader in optional ADAS features. When it comes to upgrades, you can get all the bells and whistles—perfect for consumers who know what they do and don’t need. A few of those ADAS innovations include Driver Attention Warning-Plus, which monitors the driver for signs of fatigue, and Safe Exit Assist, which alerts occupants to oncoming bicycles and motorcycles as they depart the vehicle. More than likely, this will be popular amongst vehicles in big cities who need big safety systems. We can’t wait to become industry leaders on this new technology.


With an ode to Boston, Hyundai showed off the 2020 Sonata and its impressive Smart Park feature. This upgrade allows you to park your car from the curb all at the push of a button. No more dinging your door when you get out of your car and avoiding tight squeezes. This parking technology is full speed ahead and tops the list of ADAS features offered by Hyundai. To no surprise, the Sonata offers more standard ADAS than any other vehicle, helping it to earn Kelly Blue Book’s best auto technology award.


Here at Protech, we’re car aficionados who love every piece of new technology in our industry. That’s why we’re so excited about the Porsche Taycan, an all-electric sports car with game-changing power and speed. Centered around a heist, Porsche’s return to the big game may have stolen the show. We’re excited to see how this new luxury vehicle will push the boundaries of an electric sports car.

This past weekend was packed with exciting technology from the automotive world. The best part is that the impressive features once only available in luxury models are now included in base models. As we continue leading the industry, our teammates are always working to stay on top of topics and trends. Being in the know informs our training program, and every year brings new challenges, which provide an opportunity to explore and execute more innovative solutions.

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