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Technician solving ADAS calibration repair needs

Protech Automotive Solutions™: A Leader in ADAS Calibrations

Protech Automotive Solutions™ rises above the competition based on our commitment and attention to correctly calibrating vehicles – because simply clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) after a repair is not enough. We know the only way to verify that a vehicle is calibrated correctly is to run a vehicle diagnostic scan and make necessary repairs, then validate by performing the calibration to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. At Protech, our technicians love a good puzzle. They have an extensive understanding of the advanced vehicle technology behind every Advanced Driver- Assistance System (ADAS) safety feature on the road today.

Protech Technicians

We rigorously train our technicians to solve problems and calibrate all vehicles, no matter the OEM. Protech technicians keep a keen eye on new OEM developments, including new vehicles, company goals, technical innovations and more, to stay ahead of the game.

Protech takes a holistic approach to vehicle diagnostic scanning and calibrations with every repair. The technology in vehicles today is complicated, comprised of computers, electrical wiring, sensors and more. Vehicles are so intelligent that components continuously communicate with each other, sending signals back and forth and providing real-time information to drivers.

For example, if a tire goes flat or another vehicle gets too close while driving, a passive safety sensor will warn the driver with either lights, sounds or vibrations. During a collision, these sensors and components may be damaged. In short, the vehicle and its advanced safety features may not operate correctly, possibly requiring thorough diagnostics, repairs and calibrations.

Protech performs pre-and post-repair vehicle diagnostic scans to accurately repair collision damage, allowing our technicians to get an "x-ray" of the vehicle. That information is then used to calibrate all affected systems and components. At Protech, we deliver vehicles that operate correctly and safely to customers. Without pre-and post-repair diagnostic scanning, drivers may risk avoidable future accidents.

Protech Technicians – Support for Your Shop

At the end of the day, the primary questions to ask are, "Was the job done right? Is the driver safe?" If the answer to this is not "Yes!" then the necessary steps to ensure comprehensive, safe vehicle repairs were not taken. We know it's about doing it right the first time. At Protech, our technology, services and technicians are available to you to meet your shop's ADAS diagnostic needs – ultimately keeping your customers safe.

One way we do this at Protech is by being tool agnostic, and when you partner with us, your shop is too. Tool agnostic means that our highly trained technicians have a variety of solutions available to them to select the right tool for every job, saving your business time and money.

Protech's virtual support team also supports your employees. This team of Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified ADAS experts are prepared to assist over the phone, Monday-Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST. They can remotely access the tools at your repair shop and see what your onsite technician sees. Protech technicians can walk any automotive technician step-by-step through the process of completing a repair. Our virtual team provides transparency, clarity and security to your technicians. Protech’s virtual technical support team can perform and observe scanning tools and scanning operations from their desks, allowing your employees the bandwidth to handle other tasks.

Vehicle diagnostics are involved in all aspects of automotive repair – from mechanical repairs to collision and auto glass repairs – creating an ever-growing need for accurate vehicle diagnostic scans and calibrations. At Protech, we understand your needs as an automotive repair shop owner. We complement your current service offerings with our tools, years of training, research, innovation and relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We are customer service driven, and the safety of every vehicle and driver is our number one priority. This means we continually strive to live our purpose of Giving Lives the All Clear®.

Expert technicians preparing for ADAS calibration

Protech Automotive Solutions™: Trust our Industry Experts

Technology is an integral part of everyday life. For many, it can be challenging to understand – especially when it comes to your vehicle. While drivers may not know the technology behind the safety features in their vehicles, automotive repair shops know that vehicle safety sensors can be affected by collision, glass and mechanical repairs.

We understand that vehicles do more than get drivers from point A to point B – they are meant to perform and keep us safe. Most vehicles are equipped with electronic safety systems that depend on Protech's comprehensive insight and expertise when automotive repairs are required. Protech Automotive Solutions™ will provide your shop the technical expertise you need to offer customers the best automotive services, technology and tools in vehicle diagnostic scanning.

Setting the Standard

For nearly 30 years, our team of highly skilled technicians has influenced technology breakthroughs and best practices in ever-changing automotive technology. We set the standard for the industry and understand that technology will continue to evolve. We are the experts in vehicle diagnostic scanning and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration services, and we have an entire department dedicated to confirming that scan tools provide the correct service information when diagnosing and calibrating vehicles.

Today, vehicles are more complicated than ever - they contain at least one computer to control the vehicle's essential functions, making repairs more complex. Our goal is to educate and help automotive technicians and vehicle owners with our nationwide network of Protech technicians. Protech expertise is available to you in a variety of ways offering mobile diagnostic services, dedicated in-center technicians and remote assistance that addresses vehicle safety systems during all phases of repairs.

Protech's services – advanced diagnostic scanning, electronic repairs, programming and calibrations – identify damage caused by collisions, prior mechanical or technical conditions or windshield replacements. That's why our team conducts pre-diagnostic scanning to determine a baseline before teammates calibrate safety systems. Post-diagnostic scanning allows technicians to review their work after repairing collision damage to ensure all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are investigated and repaired when warranted. All systems are then calibrated, as identified by the vehicle diagnostic scan, to validate the vehicle was repaired correctly.

Our Industry Relationships are Yours

When you partner with Protech, you benefit from our partner knowledge and network. At Protech, we have created and maintained strong relationships with our original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partners to establish processes that work best in nearly all makes and models. OEMs realize the importance of pre and post-diagnostic scanning and calibration. For example, Honda released a statement in 2019 stating that failure to identify DTCs and calibrate after repairs on certain year Hondas and Acuras would lead to improper operation of electronic systems. Protech policies, procedures and technician training match and follow OEM guidelines for properly repairing their vehicles.

Only as Good as Our Technicians

Protech is a company built by technicians, for technicians, and we understand that our service is only as good as our teammates. Our training program is intense because our commitment to driver safety demands it. Our technicians are trained to perform thorough electronic diagnostics, accurate ADAS scans and calibrations – and it shows – from how we document data to how we explain the importance of our services to drivers and partners. Our holistic technician training teaches them to access all OEM service information for repairs regardless of year, make and model being serviced.

You can trust Protech Automotive Solutions™ with your business and customers. We know that vehicle safety technology is constantly changing, and Protech is committed to changing with it. We are forward- thinking and always learning – keeping Protech and our partners on the cutting edge of automotive technology and safety and Giving Lives the All Clear®.

Protech Automotive Solutions™: Why Partner with Caliber Auto Glass?

Damaged windshields are one of the most common claims filed by customers with their insurance carriers. Protech Automotive Solutions’™ strategic partner Caliber Auto Glass makes the repair and replacement process easy. Caliber Auto Glass guarantees all work, supported by cutting-edge technology and a limited lifetime warranty.

As a member of the Caliber family of brands, Caliber Auto Glass has mobile technicians and physical centers ready to perform various auto glass services, including windshield repair or replacement, side glass repair or replacement and chip repair. Clearing the Way Forward® is what Caliber Auto Glass is all about.

Auto glass repairs and replacements are increasingly tricky as computers, sensors and electrical wiring are strategically placed throughout vehicles. Each of these systems alert drivers to potential dangers from other cars, road hazards or issues with their vehicle’s functions. Today’s vehicles require comprehensive repairs to maximize driver safety, including accurate vehicle diagnostic scanning and calibrations as part of the repair process. At Caliber Auto Glass, Protech provides that extra level of expertise and technological capabilities that complete mechanical and collision repairs.

Working in tandem with glass technicians, expertly trained Protech technicians ensure the vehicle is safe to drive by performing Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) vehicle diagnostic scans and calibrations to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Whether a minor repair or a complete windshield replacement, Protech performs pre- and post-repair vehicle diagnostic scans to get an “x-ray” of the vehicle. We ensure issues are accurately identified and addressed using a variety of technological solutions specifically suited to that specific vehicle’s needs. We can pinpoint all vehicle components that might be connected to and impacted by a windshield replacement.

Protech technicians undergo rigorous training and can work on every ADAS system on the market, achieving industry-leading Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair ( I-CAR) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications throughout the program. Our technicians use tools from several automotive manufacturers, including OEM tools and software, to perform comprehensive vehicle safety services. We pride ourselves on being tool-agnostic, which means we have access to the right tools for each vehicle.

Protech’s focus begins and ends with the intent to keep drivers and their passengers safe on the road. We live our purpose of Giving Lives the All Clear® every day and are here to support your business with the highest quality vehicle glass repairs, ADAS diagnostics and calibration services.

More than 30 years of innovation

Protech Automotive Solutions™: Our First ADAS Calibration

Protech Automotive Solutions did not become the leading automotive services provider for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems ( ADAS) calibrations and diagnostic scans overnight. It has taken us years of research and development, pioneering a vehicle diagnostic scanning and calibration solution that utilizes advanced technology and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tools. Protech's ADAS technician training program educates and provides hands-on training so our technicians understand how new vehicle safety systems affect a vehicle's performance inside and out.

During the infancy of ADAS, we worked to understand the importance of vehicle diagnostic scanning and calibration and what it meant for shop owners. As drivers, OEMs, the National Highway Traffic Administration ( NHTSA) and the Department of Transportation ( DOT) have embraced ADAS technology over the past decade, the diagnostics and calibration industry has experienced rapid growth, playing an essential role in collision and mechanical repairs.

For nearly 30 years, Protech has been one of the leaders in vehicle electronics, diagnostic, repair and replacement services. As vehicle technology evolved, so did Protech and our team established our first static ADAS calibration center in San Antonio, thanks to our strategic partnership with Caliber Collision. We remember our first ADAS calibration well – a radar calibration on a Nissan Sentra in August 2017. Protech General Manager Greg Longanbach was there and admits he understood what it meant from a technical standpoint but not how ADAS technology would change the automotive industry well into the future.

"The first time I did an ADAS calibration, I already had a lot of experience in the automotive industry," Longanbach said. "I've been a mechanic my entire life, and I knew what I was getting myself into. When I completed the first calibration, I knew it would be big. What I did not realize was the scope of what would come in the next few years.".

During the first month of calibrating cars, we turned around more than 40 vehicles. The following month, more than 80 vehicles were calibrated. And business has not slowed down – a testament to Protech's expertise and the ever-increasing demand for ADAS diagnostics and calibrations. Today, San Antonio remains one of our busiest ADAS vehicle diagnostic scanning and calibration markets.

Protech offered Longanbach the opportunity to move to Dallas and train more than 80 technicians. Most of these students are still with the company today, some have moved into leadership roles and others have moved to technology innovation roles. While Protech was not the first company to execute an ADAS calibration, we pride ourselves on being one of the first automotive service providers to implement a comprehensive ADAS diagnostic scanning and calibration offering for shop owners and drivers. Please visit our website if you are interested in working with Protech in your shop. We provide service options to fit your needs, including onsite and virtual technician support from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST, Monday – Friday, helping your technicians get your customers back on the road safely. Above all, our purpose is Giving Lives the All Clear®, and our number one priority will always be driver safety.

Technician performing calibration

Protech Automotive Solutions™: An Industry Leader in Driver Safety

Protech Automotive Solutions™ offers the necessary tools and experience to guide automotive service providers through the repair process to keep their customers safe. As an industry leader with the largest national footprint in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) diagnostic scanning and calibration services, Protech is constantly evolving to ensure driver safety as vehicles become more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Equipped with advanced automotive diagnostic tools, technology and forward-thinking training, Protech Technicians scan, calibrate and diagnose vehicles in conjunction with any automotive service performed, including collision, auto glass and mechanical repairs.

You may be wondering, "Why does this matter?" It's a great question, and the answer is simple: Protech holistically addresses driver safety systems found in modern vehicles, training all Protech technicians to perform calibrations on all makes and models of vehicles, regularly hosting educational webinars and sending teammates to your shop for one-on-one training.

Giving Lives the All Clear® goes deeper than repairing a damaged bumper or replacing a broken windshield. Safety sensors and radars integrated throughout newer vehicles provide drivers with more information than ever, making them aware of driving hazards. Simple but powerful lessons like these make our approach to training unique. We believe in investing in people. Protech technicians and services stand apart from the rest with extensive training and a commitment to proper repairs, thorough vehicle diagnostics, and accurate calibrations.

Tools Will Not Give You Answers, Problem-Solving Will

Protech is committed to educating the industry about why vehicle diagnostic scanning and calibrations are essential to safely get drivers back on the road. With nearly 30 years of experience, Protech has kept up with continuously evolving vehicle technology – from the days of CD changers and alarms to today's computers and ADAS sensors. Protech has been there, and we are ready to lead progress every step of the way. When you bring Protech into your shop, you offer customers Protech's holistic solution and years of experience to back it up.

Many repair centers in the industry clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from the vehicle's computer without identifying or repairing underlying problems. Not addressing DTCs may affect vehicle performance and put drivers in harm's way. Most drivers know their newer cars have multiple safety features such as cameras, radars and sensors. They may not know that a vehicle diagnostic scan and calibration ensure all these driver safety features work correctly. If a driver leaves your shop relying on their vehicle's sensors and cameras to work correctly, and they don't, that driver may be headed toward an avoidable accident.

As industry experts, we are responsible for the safety of drivers who entrust us with their vehicles. If you are asking what steps you can take in your shop to ensure customers are safe, let Protech help and guide you. At Protech, we say "cleared is not calibrated" because there is more to restoring a vehicle to original manufacturer specifications than clearing a code. Our technicians are trained to follow original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service procedures and guidelines and take all necessary steps to repair the vehicle correctly. Our investment in training and tools is our commitment to our partners and the driver of every vehicle we touch.

Multiple Scanning Tools are Better Than One

Protech is focused on driver safety and proud to be tool-agnostic. Just like you wouldn't use a wrench to solve every household problem, we wouldn't use the same tool on every vehicle. The goal of every repair is to repair the vehicle the first time accurately and safely, not to be loyal to a particular brand of diagnostic tools. Drivers can be confident that Protech has tools and automotive diagnostic solutions to support OEM solutions for our partners with OEM vehicle manufacturer certifications, such as Honda, Toyota, Ford and GM.

Virtual and Onsite Certified Technicians Coast-to-Coast

With more than 500 ADAS technicians nationwide, we are still growing. In addition to our mobile vehicle diagnostics support, Protech's skilled technicians are available virtually. We have ASE certified and I-CAR trained professionals ready to answer your questions Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST. Each virtual technician is a vehicle diagnostic professional who can remotely access your shop's scanning device to help complete scans, clear codes and diagnose repairs. Protech customers and partners should never feel they are left to solve calibration issues on their own.

Marketplace Solution

In the automotive marketplace, manufacturers and dealerships may not share repair information in the interest of competition. This further emphasizes the importance of Protech's role in the automotive industry and your shop. Thanks to our partnership with Caliber Auto Glass, we can also diagnostically scan and calibrate forward-facing camera safety systems involved in windshield repair and replacement making Protech a solution for the entire automotive marketplace.

As one of the auto repair industry's most trusted vehicle diagnostic scanning and ADAS calibration services providers, we provide solutions for OEMs and aftermarket companies. We think of Protech as the liaison between your shop and vehicle manufacturers. The tools Protech relies on are a big part of establishing our relationships with OEMs and aftermarket companies.

Protech is rapidly growing our nationwide footprint of calibration stations within repair centers. We take a holistic approach to performing vehicle calibrations in one place - creating a convenient and seamless experience for your customers. This is our commitment to Giving Lives the All Clear®, ensuring we keep drivers and their families safe by repairing their vehicle's safety systems properly the first time.

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