Synced up to Support: Virtual Tech Teams

December 18, 2019

Leading the industry in diagnostic scanning encompasses more than technology, technicians and safety. Here at Protech Automotive Solutions™, staying ahead of the curve means providing best-in-class service to all of our partners, customers and industry peers. One of the ways we go above and beyond in regard to our client care is through our virtual and scan support services, two important teams here at Protech.

Virtual Team Services:

Our virtual team’s responsibilities are two-fold: working with our Protech teammates internally and providing support to our collision and retail center customers off-site. When diagnostic scanning and calibration systems are set up, our team retains access to all equipment in order to answer questions and assist with challenges that may arise down the road. This team is the diagnostic backbone to our services—helping centers and technicians with upper level support on all equipment.

Internally, this means providing diagnostic, programming and scanning service information to teammates at Protech stations. The virtual team also assists with purchasing subscriptions and then installing and updating the software and hardware. When it comes to calibrations, these teammates are also equipped to help troubleshoot issues and assist with the execution of adjustments.

Externally, at collision and retail centers, the virtual team acts as a support system for all-things aftermarket equipment and tooling. When a scan is performed, the team is on-call to decipher trouble codes and provide information on possible causes of faults. This can mean helping to clear codes, program modules and calibrations and provide O.E. diagnostic information and support. In short, the virtual team exists to help our partners uncover, understand and fix any issues with a customer’s car.

Scan Team:

Similar to the virtual team, the Protech scan team exists to provide after-purchase support through their access to systems and equipment. What sets this team apart is their ability to work on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specific equipment. While the virtual team works internally and externally at collision and retail shops, the scan team only works for OEM compliant shops.

Many of the major OEMs such Honda and Nissan will certify repair shops to work on their vehicles only after they have purchased the OEM-specific equipment and receive the proper training to utilize these systems. The Protech scan team assists technicians at these shops with the pre- and post-scans through the same capabilities as the virtual team, but with an OEM concentration. It is this team that gives body shops the ability to stay current with their brand certifications, while also providing support and recommendations for code clearing and ADAS calibrations. When it comes to OE certified centers, fleet services and OEM shops, the scan team is the comprehensive “dream team” for support.

Within our stations and in every location we service, we are committed to providing the best in technology, service and support. Going the extra mile extends beyond the walls of our shops and means caring for every customer, teammate and car on the road by Giving Lives the All Clear.

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